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Elements Childcare and Early Learning Centres is a family owned and operated childcare centre with centres located throughout the Geelong and Surf Coast region. The centre is focused and committed on improving and enhancing outcomes for all. As a heavily compliant and paper focused business, Elements knew it was time to turn piles of paperwork into the past.

The Challenge

Applying and registering to the childcare centre is one of the most paper-heavy processes of Elements Child Care. This alone takes 8 pages of documentation, times that by the 800+ families and 1,000+ children that attend Elements – that’s a lot of paperwork and filing! Not only this, but each and every small action or task completed by the children are recorded and written down, this includes when medication is taken, when nappies are changes or lunch is eaten. The admin team at Elements, including owner Pru, were quickly feeling like they were drowning in paperwork.


The Solution

Elements engaged the team at BAW to help install printing and scanning facilities at their most recently opened centre. Here is where the conversion about automation of documentation began. It quickly become obvious that the automation ideas and suggestions proposed were going to be the way of the future for documentation at all Elements Childcare and Early Learning Centres.

Documentation at Elements is now effortless. Everything that is written down and all documentation that is completed is now filed digitally. It’s now a matter of scanning, categorising and shredding documentation, with the added bonus of knowing all the documentation is store securely. There is no more archive boxes and open files, everything that is written down, is stored electronically.


The Results

The results are invaluable to Elements. The admin staff are no longer overloaded with paperwork or wasting time searching for documentation they may need from 12 months ago. Categorising and finding documentation is now effortless and the ability to find documentation at the click of a button makes the business undoubtably more professional and timely. They now have the ability to help parents by providing documentation and information for assistance with medical diagnosis, treatment and management.

Overall, Pru and the team at Elements Childcare and Early Learning Centres, feel they are now on-top of their game. Despite still being a small childcare chain, they can appear and compete as a ‘large-scale’ competitor with high quality, professional and manageable document automation processes.

With the help of the BAW team, Elements now appears as a ‘large-scale competitor’. We’re more professional and timely and we eliminated manual filing all together.


Pru Howard  – Company Director | Elements Childcare & Early Learning Centre

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