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Arthur Reed Photos is a third generation family owned and operated company who have been perfecting the art of photo day for over 55 years. A lot of the photo orders these day are completed online, however there is still a small majority of orders that are received hand-written, requiring Arthur Reed Photos staff to manually input these into the ordering system.

The Challenge

It was time for the business to move away from this manual data entry process. The BAW team had been working with the Arthur Reed Photos for some time and a discussion on the idea of automating this manual process was had many a times. The management team worked closely together to develop this idea, into a solution.


The Solution

The system automates the manual data entry of handwritten customer orders, which are then seamlessly sent directly onto the Arthur Reed Photos production area. It was a flexible idea that was customised to suit the business. As with many people’s handwriting, interpretation of letters and numbers can sometimes be an issue. But BAW took into account the similarity of some letters and numbers, such as ‘g’ and ‘9’, providing an automation system that was not only flexible but accurate as well.


The Results

The time saved by automating the manual data entry of photo orders was incredible. It transformed a time consuming and costly task into a fast, accurate and inexpensive one. With the data entry automated and sent directly to the production area, photos were able to be produced faster, as well as freeing up the time of staff members to do alternative tasks such as banking. Business practices at Arthur Reed Photos had improved substantially, and the security risk of holding cash on the premises is also reduced, as staff can now complete the banking more accurately and more often. Arthur Reed Photos substituted an inefficient and expensive process with an automated one, that now delivers accuracy, lower costs and more invaluable time.

The team at BAW were great!
There was no educating needed, when we thought of an idea and voiced it to the team, it was something they had already thought of and were actioning.


Jason Butcher  – General Manager | Arthur Reed Photos

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